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Tuesday 24 February 2015

Meet the team hidden away of Floor 1B of the library

Hidden away on Floor 1B of the library, with perhaps only the alluring smell of coffee as a guide, you will find office ML102, home of information librarians Celia Forrester, Kathryn Ballard, and learning resource assistant Dan Scutt.

Amid the maps, photos of donkeys (don’t ask), succulent plants (probably best not to ask either) and vintage 1970s wallpaper, we offer a welcoming environment for those of you needing help with assignments, projects, or finding resources. As Celia highlights:

“Our aim is to support you in all aspects of library skills and research. In this day and age, information is available in numerous formats – we can help you search, sift, select and reference information in a calm and orderly manner.”

As the day progresses we see a steady flow of students come through the office door, all at varying stages: some of you are needing a spark of inspiration to get up and running; others are just a sentence or two away from completion.

These appointments always provide an excellent opportunity to give you detailed and focused one-to-one support above and beyond the weekly routine of lectures and classes.

The titular plants.

Celia and Kathryn also run a range of drop-in training sessions on researching, referencing and all the basics: from finding information to getting assignments backed up with quality sources. Dan is often on hand to assist with the bigger groups or those of you arriving late!

The team also works to ensure that there is continued access to resources recommended by lecturers, purchasing books and journals (in either print or, increasingly, electronic format) as well as providing access to databases, DVDs, online recordings, and other wider material.

We also add interactive versions of reading lists to Solent Online Learning units so essential reading material is ready, available, and accessible for you in good time.

With several thousand students coming through the turnstiles every day, the Solent libraries are a living, breathing, working and learning environment, alive and abuzz with study and activity. It’s safe to say that no two days are ever the same.

As a team we enjoy being able to help you learn and progress, but it goes far beyond just offering research support for an assignment…we seek to help you build a toolkit of skills to take with you into your future.

Get in touch with us using the links at the top of this article – we’ll be happy to help!