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Wednesday 1 October 2014

Student featured of BBC One show

A student From Southampton Solent University’s BA (Hons) Interior Design Decorationcourse got the chance to have his work seen by interior design fans across the UK after appearing on new home renovation show, Your Home in Their Hands.

Nick Snow went up against thousands of talented young designers to secure his place on the show, in which two brave homeowners surrender control of their house to up-and-coming interior design talent.

The room that Nick was asked to redesign was a bathroom. Any interior designer will tell you that bathrooms are very difficult to get right, with cramped spaces and immobile plumbing making it hard to make any significant changes.

The bathroom, before Nick worked his magic

Despite this, Nick gave it his best shot and ended up creating a clean and bright room that was a huge improvement on the boring white tiling and novelty toilet seat that the homeowners were living with before he arrived.

When it came time for the big reveal, both the homeowners and Celia Sawyer – an interior design expert and the show’s presenter – were bowled over by the results.

Nick’s new design

“You’re not really given much information about your clients, but I like to create calming, uncluttered and welcoming spaces that make people feel good about themselves,” said Nick. “I was thrilled with the positive reactions from the owners and Celia Sawyer, one of my favourite designers.”

Unfortunately, it didn’t go quite so well when Nick had to work with the other designer on a joint room.

“Kirsty (the other designer) had a very different style to me and it was difficult to find a balance, but I was determined to keep it professional and do my best for the clients.”

This all comes after Nick took the risk to leave a stable job at a bank and pursue his dream career as an interior designer.

“I had a good salary at the bank but I wasn’t happy. I love what I do now and I can’t wait to carve out a successful career for myself in the world of commercial interior design”, says Nick.

“I love the idea of creating hotel, restaurant and office spaces that allow people to relax, enjoy and be productive.”

You can watch the show on BBC iPlayer by clicking here. To find out more about interior design courses at Solent, please visit our main website.