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Friday 29 May 2015

Catching up with graduate Rebecca Kidd - making it in the fashion industry

Fashion promotion and communications graduate Rebecca Kidd has had a whirlwind year since graduating in November last year. Starting out as a visual merchandiser on Oxford Street, not only has Rebecca gone on to become founder of her own jewellery company which is trading on the ASOS marketplace, but she has been invited to exhibit at the Clothes Show in December.

Rebecca Kidd

Rebecca loves being her own boss and following through with her own ideas. Communication and promotion skills that Rebecca learnt from her degree are put into practice: “every day without fail, I am promoting on social platforms. That’s the great thing now – it’s a form of free advertising. A typical day includes re-ordering stock that is low, creating and putting together orders from Etsy, Depop and ASOS (online fashion retailers), messaging bloggers and promoters to help get the word out further about the brand, and photographing new products for each site.”

However, it’s not just promotional skills Rebecca learnt at university, she also developed the knowledge to deal with the biggest challenges she faces in her industry – competitors, “if there is anything my university course helped with, it was analysing the industry and how to stand out with unique selling points! I believe I supply the best value jewellery of my kind available, and offer a larger range of products than similar jewellery brands of the moment.”

Some of Rebecca’s designs

Rebecca’s favourite memory of university also provided one key snippet of advice for current students. “My favourite memory was completing my final major project. I was very passionate about the brand I created, a new online retailer for the young market of tall females. I lost a lot of work, and with about six weeks to go had to basically start my whole website again. I felt so proud when I had completed it. That’s one thing I have learnt- back up your work!”

Looking to the future we asked Rebecca how she saw her industry developing she replied “I see it expanding! I think more and more consumers are looking online for alternative ways to style, instead of heading to the same retailers with similar styles. I think there is a wider market opening up for accessories.”

“Stay individual”, was the main piece of advice Rebecca gives current students, “I always believed at university that everyone else was better at what we were doing. My other graduate friends are worried about the amount of competition over jobs. But you have to remember that someone has to get it. Everyone has something unique to offer, and if you believe in yourself and show confidence- this will take you miles.”