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Wednesday 29 April 2015

Take a peak at the Fine Art students' (FACE) exhibition.

Fine Art Collective Exhibition ‘FACE’ by Southampton Solent University  BA (Hons) Fine Art students.

When:           25-30 April 2015 from 12-5pm

Location:      Bargate Monument Gallery, the Undercroft and Lankaster Vault,  Southampton City Centre

Some of Southampton’s historic sites will play host to ‘FACE’, a public exhibition of work by second-year BA (Hons) Fine Art students from Southampton Solent University.

Each year, as part of their ‘professional development’ teaching unit, students from Southampton Solent’s art school are challenged to create and present a public exhibition.

In a realistic reflection of how life as an artist can be, the students are not just the artists in the exhibition, but the curators, administrators, invigilators and promoters as well.

Course leader, Nicola Chamberlain, explains, “We want to introduce students to the professional practices required to actualise a project from conception to exhibition. This opportunity adds value to the student experience while undertaking their degree.”

‘FACE’ is an interesting and eclectic mix of themes and practices – from the traditional art forms to conceptual ideas. The students use a variety of media within their work including: stop frame animation, painting, drawing, printing, video, sculpture and installation.

Work by Hannah Higgs

Student Chloe Rose Wiltshire is well aware of the value of the project. “This unit is giving us practical skills that support our creativity. It is preparing us for our degree show, and beyond, an opportunity to think about our future career in the arts.”

Mart Hoskins is looking forward to having her work being seen by the public, “We are only half way through our degree and now have this unique opportunity to have our work, which is usually hidden away in a studio, seen by audiences outside of the University.”

FACE exhibition will be exhibited at the Bargate Monument Gallery, the Undercroft and Lankaster’s vault from 25-30 April.