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Monday 23 July 2018

Our students are encouraged and supported to collaborate with students on other courses on projects throughout their degree. Working with peers is fun and is also a good exercise to gain industry practice.

The fashion photography we see in a published context is created by a team effort. Most productions will have a photographic team including assistants and digital specialists for post-production. Then there are all the creative contributors, such as make-up and hair artists, stylists and, of course, the models. You'll be introduced to all of these aspects on the BA (Hons) Fashion Photography course.

Collaborations with other fashion courses have just become even easier for fashion photography students as all fashion provision courses will be under one program group from September 2018. This opens up a great new opportunity for joint teaching delivery as well as for students to collaborate.

With the production of fashion images and fashion film being a team effort in industry with many specialist professions such as make-up and hair design, styling, fashion design and fashion photography contributing to the final product, students get access to source team members for their assessments from a range of courses at Solent. This opportunity goes beyond the course work and allows students to work together on portfolio projects, building a rich collection of work and experiences for after graduation. Each new shoot improves students' skills and confidence. Access to facilities such as photo studios and camera equipment is available for all projects to all students actively enrolled at Solent.

In this clip, fashion photography third year student Mitchell Cahoon is seen photographing a look book of the end of year collections of fashion design students, supported by students on the BA (Hons) Make-up and Hair Design course and filmed by fashion photography third-year students Chloe Burgess and Morgan Horobin. All three fashion photography students involved with this project have now graduated and can use the outcome as a valuable asset for their portfolios.

Other collaborations have seen teams of students contribute to Anon magazine, the BA (Hons) Make-up and Hair Design online and printed publication. Carbon is a recently launched publication by the BA (Hons) Fashion Media course and has seen students from that course collaborate across a range of fashion courses with Fashion Photography students providing a major part of its enticing visual content.

If working with likeminded creative students in the fashion context is an important aspect for your photographic work, find out more about our course and how to apply. There are places available through Clearing.