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Monday 6 January 2014

What are your plans for this summer?

Thinking about what you are going to do over the summer? You could always take a leaf out of Charlie Vinall’s book and apply for summer intern programmes – you never know what it might lead to…

Before I started my degree at Solent I was a supervisor at Waitrose, this gave me a good work ethic and valuable management knowledge. I started my BA (Hons) businessdegree in 2011 and have always tried to keep a ‘real-life’ and university work balance throughout my degree, as well as getting involved with as much extracurricular activities as possible, because I know this is what employers look for.

I have worked as a communications officer, supervised as head waiter, I am the current campaigns officer for the Students’ Union, and returned to Waitrose on breaks, which helps me draw information about my experience from different sources when in interviews.

I applied for the PepsiCo summer internship programme and, after the assessment centre, was offered a place. After a successful summer with PepsiCo (coming second, in terms of performance, out of 14) I have now been offered a place with them after I graduate on their fast track training programme.

PepsiCo say they took me on because of my unique degree, relevant but varied work experience, and outgoing attitude.