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Thursday 31 July 2014

What are the new EU bathing water regulations?

Principal lecturer Dr Steven Jackson discusses the new EU bathing water regulations changing in 2015 and the impact it will have on some seaside resorts.

Countryfile recently highlighted the new EU bathing water regulations that will come into effect by 2015, which will change the way that water quality at seaside resorts is classified.

This could be bad news for some resorts because the standards themselves are changing and beaches may be given a poorer classification even if the water quality is not necessarily becoming worse.

Seaside resorts are still very popular as family holiday destinations and knowing that water quality is classified as poor may put off many people from going to those resorts.

Many tourists are aware of the Good Beach Guide as a source of information and if a beach is featured in this, then it is likely to attract more visitors. This is a good example of the way in which information is sourced and used by potential tourists to destinations and it forms part of the ‘destination image’.


The destination image is an important part of tourism both from a theoretical point of view and from a practical point of view, because tourist destinations can manipulate their image through marketing and public relations to produce a ‘brand’ that is recognised and acquires a high status level. Think about the resorts on the south coast – what sort of ‘image’ do they conjure up for you?

Brighton? Bournemouth? Southsea? Eastbourne? The latter has recently been in the news because of the tennis tournament – how will this benefit the town? Lastly, what about Southampton? What sort of image do you have of the city and university as a potential student? For many people it conjures up images of shopping, football and the cruise industry – which we capitalise on in our courses here!