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Tuesday 3 March 2015

What is Solent Works?

Solent Works (SoW) is a student-led initiative designed to provide event management students with valuable work experience. Students are recruited to enhance their current experience, as well as build on new skills within the events industry.

Run by students and graduates from a cross-section of courses within the University, the management structure of SoW allows the team to develop their abilities within the areas of marketing, finance, technical, human resources and event coordination.

Although the team had worked on events and projects in the past, the new service was officially launched on 11 February.

Members of the Solent Works team celebrate at the launch event.

The launch was staged and managed by the Solent Works team, with the help of a number of first-year students who volunteered to take part on the day of the event.

It was a proud moment for everyone involved in Solent Works, as the launch of the company celebrated the hard work that goes on behind the scenes of the wonderful events in which the team had been involved.

The speeches from clients who have previously worked with the team emphasized the passion, dedication, commitment and teamwork they showed.

The event allowed people with whom the team had worked to praise Solent Works and created a sense of recognition for all of those who are involved in this venture.

It is always gratifying to hear how grateful past clients are for all the help, professionalism, and hard work of the Solent Works team, and it was a great opportunity to promote Solent Works to a new audience.

The team were offered the management of another two events after the launch, emphasizing the success of the evening.

The evening achieved its goals – introducing Solent Works, highlighting its successes and acquiring further projects. It was a coordinated and concerted effort of which all involved should be proud.

If you would like to find out more about what Solent Works can offer your event, or are interested in working with us, please contact Sheridan Easton.