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Wednesday 2 December 2015

PR Students Pitch to Five by Five

Each year, Southampton Solent University’s PR and communications students undertake a PR strategy and campaign planning unit. The unit involves working in small teams with PR and communications agencies to produce and execute real campaigns.

Five by Five, an independent marketing communications agency based in the centre of Southampton, are one of the businesses that provide these opportunities. Students from the School of Communications and Marketing visit them each year to take part in the launch and promotion of real consumer products.

Winner Alina Cherednik with Five by Five’s Naomi.

Once the teams have planned their campaigns, they then pitch their work to the Five by Five experts. The expert panel offer feedback and nominate students to receive special commendations including the prestigious ‘best PR student’ title.

This year the crown went to Alina Cherednik and her team, PaPRika. After winning the title, Alina said:

“Being named the best PR student 2015/2016 certainly became one of the most remarkable and unexpected events in my PR student life. I see this title not just as a big name but also as an outstanding opportunity and a transition to a whole new level in my PR career.

“I’d never say it was easy. What I’d rather say is that it has been a breath-taking experience from the very beginning, with days of endless research and getting to know your teammates. Towards the end with a couple of sleepless nights of putting all material together, running through and making it all work together. On the actual pitch day, presenting to our Five by Five guests and lecturers who have been there for us throughout the working process for help and support.”

20:20 PR team.

Alina went on to express her gratitude for the course: “This unit has offered us an exceptional chance to work with a real-life client, get hands-on experience and see the inside-out of the PR industry.”

It wasn’t just team PaPRika that left with their heads held high. The judging panel at Five by Five also chose the winner for ‘best overall pitch’, awarded to fellow classmates Laura Bradley, Talietha Willett, Jessica Agyeman, Katherine Stevens and Ugbad Saidas as part of team 20:20 PR. The team created a campaign and then pitched it to contact lens company, CooperVision.

Laura added: “our key themes for the campaign were comfort and education, as CooperVision’s products have unrivalled levels of comfort, allowing contact lens wearers to pop their lenses in and get on with their day, we were keen for this to be a key message.

The judges apparently loved our key themes, and how our tactics throughout the year reinforced them for both target audiences. They also liked that we used their existing charity, as it is an important part of CooperVision, showing that we had really researched the company.”

To find out more about public relations and communications courses here at Southampton Solent, please visit our marketing and public relations homepage.