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Tuesday 5 May 2015

More maritime education and training proposed

Southampton Solent University’s plans for maritime education and training, including the Warsash Maritime Academy

Over the past few months the University has been carrying out a business review looking at the best way to invest in, develop and grow its maritime education and training, including its Warsash Maritime Academy.

The University has identified two options: to invest in the existing Warsash campus; and/or to relocate and invest in new facilities at East Park Terrace in Southampton.

These options were discussed at the University’s Board of Governors meeting on Wednesday 29 April. They endorsed the proposals: that both options will be assessed in more detail but the preferred option would be to move all or some of the delivery to East Park Terrace in Southampton city centre.

Over the coming weeks the University will be developing a new maritime education and training strategy, which will outline its plans for long-term sustainability and growth. The University will also meet with staff, cadets/delegates, clients and the maritime industry to gather further input and feedback.

A spokesperson for the University said: “We place great value on our maritime education and training provision. This review will bring our maritime education and training onto a long-term, sustainable footing and enable us to be equipped to meet the challenges and demands ahead, including opportunities to grow our business.

“Increased competition, an uncertain future of funding, and a need to respond to the growing demands of cadets, delegates and clients mean that we need to ensure a learning experience that consistently meets and exceeds expectations for maritime education and training.”