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Friday 22 August 2014

Solent students explore gadgets and gizmos with the BBC

This summer, Southampton Solent University and the BBC teamed up with the New Forest and Hampshire County Show to give the public a chance to get up close and personal with gadgets and gizmos at the cutting edge of media technology.

Solent students helped organise and run two interactive experiences at the Show, the first of which gave visitors the opportunity to become the star of their very own television broadcast in a purpose-built on-site studio. Once the wannabe presenter’s time behind the news desk was over, the captured footage was transferred to a DVD which they could then take home.

The Solent students gave vital support to BBC staff, helping to construct the studio, ready the equipment and produce the DVD keepsakes. This was a great opportunity for them to learn from the professionals at the BBC, and was also a chance to hear about careers and job progression in the industry from those who have had first-hand experience.


The second interactive exhibit gave Solent students and staff a chance to show off some of the audio technology that they have been working with and developing.

The star of the audio technology exhibit was the Adaptive Immersive Multimedia Experience (AIME), a multisensory demonstration of the 3D ambisonic surround sound and state of the art LED lighting that has been heralded as the future of home entertainment systems.

Created especially for the show, the AIME features three video screens, 12 speakers and an intelligently programmed light show, all designed to make viewers feel like they have been transported into the heart of the crowd for performances at Glastonbury and Truck Festival.

Attendees at the New Forest Show were impressed with the technology, and students were delighted to be given a chance to get the public as excited about audio engineering as they are.

Speaking before the event, the head of Solent’s Technology School Mark Udall said, “We’re really excited about showcasing some of the cutting edge media technology projects that are being developed by staff and students at Solent.”

Watch the video below to get a better look at what they got up to during their time at the show.

Events like this are all in a day’s work for students on Southampton Solent University’s various media technology courses. From filming acts at Glastonbury to applying their knowledge of acoustics at Blissfields – it’s been a non-stop summer.

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