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Thursday 2 April 2015

Specialist in 3-D develops memorial for Holocaust

Solent Productions’ broadcast and media professional, Craig Lees, has been working on a ground-breaking museum and archive project for the National Holocaust Centre (NHC) to capture vital testament from British Survivors of the Holocaust.

Recognised within the industry for his in-depth knowledge of Stereoscopic 3D live action, Craig was brought in to work on the Heritage Lottery-funded project by Bright White Ltd, a specialist creative design consultancy with a pedigree in designing and building pieces for museums.

Survivor Rudi Oppenheimer with Craig Lees (second left) and the rest of the team involved.

According to the consultancy’s mission statement, they aim to ‘engage the next generation with the riches of the past, to help them live and learn’ and Craig is very much aware that the ‘riches’ in this instance are the powerful and compelling testimonies of survivors.

“A key part, if not the most important part of a visit to our Centre is to listen and talk to a survivor,” says NHC Chief Executive, Phil Lyons.

“And it is a major challenge for the centre to ensure that future generations of visitors can still benefit from this experience and enjoy an ‘interactive’ experience with survivors by preserving their voice for generations to come.  With this project, that will never change.”

In order to capture these personal and individual stories, Craig has designed and built a system incorporating cutting-edge technology to film ten survivors.  He will oversee the use of ultra-high definition stereoscopic film which allows the camera to capture facial features in fine detail using a special scanning technique to create 3-D images.

The technology means that one day future generations could see James Frank relating his experiences of Westerbork and Theresienstadt in the form of a 3-D hologram.

“I can’t express how it has made me feel whilst listening to the survivors’ stories”, Craig concludes.  “It puts everything in perspective as to what’s important and what is not.  I am super proud to be working on this project.”