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Thursday 21 August 2014

A peak into the Sports Society

We caught up with the Muscle & Athletics Sports Society president, Scott Hutchinson to ask him all about their society, his expectations for the year ahead and how to go about joining them!

You will get the opportunity to meet them at their stand at the Sports and Societies Fayre, as part of Freshers Fayre on Thursday 25 September! Join the official event on Facebook for more info. Like the team on their new Facebook page to find out more!

Tell us more about you and your team:

MASS stands for the Muscle & Athletic Sports Society. We are a chain of societies currently based at UK and USA universities. Our organisation exists to help improve the fitness opportunities available to students whilst they are at university through helping their University’s fitness community become an organised society. As fitness enthusiasts, we want to empower you to run events, help others and receive a variety of benefits in the process for doing what you enjoy – all whilst making great friends!

Striking a pose


Have you received a lot of interest from potential members since you created the club?

The society is in its early stages and the academic year 2014-2015 will be our first year running! MASS has already proven popular at many university in the country and is looking at operating at around 30 uni’s for the coming academic year. We have had lots of interest and we want as many people as possible to come join in the fun!

Does the team play competitively and if so, what competitions?

MASS runs a wide variety of termly and yearly competitions for its member to compete at. Last year was the first year of the Mr University competition where students into body-building and fitness can test themselves against other students in the country. MASS also runs power-lifting meets in the form of regional, national and team competitions, as well as Crossfit-throw-downs and bodyweight games.


What skills are involved when you are competing?

Fitness competitions and power lifting are viewed as sports that are all about raw power and in some ways this is true, however they are not as simple as what first meets the eye. Competitors have to put in hours of dedication into both their training and diet. Attention to detail is very important in the technique of each lift as minor changes can add 10kg to the persons lift. These are skills that are transferable to ones degree and this sort of dedication and routine can make a person very organised in all aspects of life. Not to mention the importance of a healthy lifestyle!

Are you still looking for members?

At MASS, we are always looking for new members! Our goal is to get as many people into fitness as possible! All people from all backgrounds and all levels of fitness are more then welcome to join our society.

The Mass Logo

Do the team go on many socials throughout the academic year?

We are planning to get a night organised either monthly or fortnightly for all members of the society to meet up and take advantage of cheap drinks! We will also be picking one night of the week where everyone in the society can meet up and train together.

Do you find it enhances your university experience, playing for the team?

MASS is a great way to meet like minded individuals who want to help others by sharing their knowledge on health and fitness. The society aims to make you feel welcome as part of the MASS family!

When and where do you train?

We use a number of facilities in the city but our main hub is the St Mary’s Sport Centre.

How can people find out more about this exciting new club?

You can like us on our new Facebook page, and you can also find out more about us on the society’s page on the SU website or log onto We also have an email address you can contact us on which is,

Will you be at the Sports and Societies Fayre?

Yes! We will be in the Sports and Societies tent as part of the Freshers Fayre in the O2 Guildhall Southampton on Thursday 25th September, where you can come down to our stall, say hello, and find out more about what were about and sign up to the fastest growing UK university society!