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Wednesday 22 January 2014

Student spotlight: Basketball champ Ashlee

Ashlee Trebilcock, MBA and member of the High Performance Academy (HPA), gives us insight into her sports career.

You come from America. Tell us about your sporting career over there and why you have decided to come to Southampton?

I played for Ohio State University. We won the BIG 10 Conference Championship all 4 years and the tournament championship twice, as well as going to the NCAA Sweet 16’s my senior year. I wanted to get my Masters as well as explore the world, so I started here!

Ashlee Trebilcock

What is your biggest sporting achievement?

Being chosen to compete in the Olympic trials, as well as using my abilities to earn higher education degrees.

Why did you choose to be part of the High Performance Academy (HPA)?

Liam Dell, High Performance Athlete Recruitment Officer, did an excellent job during the recruiting process, made me feel comfortable and excited about coming to Solent. He did the best job out of everyone I was talking to and that ultimately led me to decide to come here.

How do you rate the level of the women’s UK National League compared to the various women’s leagues you played in the US?

I have noticed a very big difference in sport in general over here, especially in women’s basketball. I think the sport is severely underfunded and there are clearly not enough outlets for young female athletes or access to experts in this country as a whole from what I have seen thus far.

I think this is a shame because basketball has taught me work ethic, self-confidence, the ability to fail and recover quickly, team work, problem solving, discipline, time management, anxiety management, how to stay fit and healthy, how to communicate effectively with adults/authority…I think that should be readily available to all young athletes.

Ashlee in Guard position on Team Solent Suns

How does the High Performance Academy team help you to stay competitive at the highest level?

Benn Digweed, our Head Physiotherapist, has been great thus far keeping any lingering injuries, aches and pains at bay. The informative speakers that come on Wednesdays have been great as well.

How do you manage to balance progression with your degree and the high expectation of you as a High Performance Athlete?

I have experience balancing life as a student athlete, so it comes somewhat naturally for me but staying on top of everything and prioritising and using time wisely is always something I have to be mindful of.

You have some coaching experience. Could this be a potential future career for you in the UK or in the US?

Being around Team Solent Suns and being competitive again has definitely made me think about my future career and if basketball will be something I continue to pursue. I would love to be able to use my skills and knowledge and continue to see the world and meet new people.

What advice would you give to any youngsters wanting to become a professional athlete?

Sports to me are about repetition, preparation and attention to detail. It is also about learning from those who are better than you as well as a willingness to fail. In basketball, if you learn a new move in practice, and you do it a 100 times correctly, it still takes courage to attempt it in a game setting with people watching.

It takes even more courage to mess it up in a game and then try it again. I think that is what sport is about. Coaches and professional athletes have said that to be #1 you have to train like you are #2, always striving to get better and never settling with your current skill level.

What are your plans for next year?

I think I would like to either coach somewhere or get a job in a place I haven’t been yet. My plans change hourly however :-).

Ashlee holding the trophy

Who is your sporting role model?

I don’t necessarily have a sporting role model that I have always looked up to. I have tried to model my game around multiple people I have watched over the years. My role models have been the people who have supported me, taught me and stood by me throughout my career. Without good people around you, it is hard to get anywhere.

What are your hobbies and interests?

If you ask my good friends out here they would say I am a big crafting dork which isn’t what people would think when they first meet me. I love to explore, chat random people up, get educated on anything and everything. I am also interested in being as earth, human and animal friendly as possible….Now I sound like an American hippie, but that’s ok : ).

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