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Wednesday 12 November 2014

Discover the Tough Mudder experience

We interview Sports Facilities Assistant Sophie Reynard to find out how she got on at this hardcore sports event!

So, as we are Tough Mudder newbies, tell us what the event is all about?

Tough Mudder is a challenging 12 mile obstacle course which promotes comradery, everyone must take an oath to put teamwork in front of your time.

Why did you decide to take part?

We took part with a goal in mind that we could improve our fitness though strength and endurance training. Also the beer at the end and free t-shirt (which is worn every night as a reminder of how tough I am).

Sophie Reynard

What was the hardest part of the course?

The hardest part was of course Arctic Enema – where we had to push ourselves under tyres in a tub full of ice, which gave me shivers for the 3 miles afterwards.

We heard you were unwell before you completed this mammoth task. How did it affect you?

Yes, unfortunately. It made it very difficult and affected my energy levels, but I was lucky to have a great supportive comrade – Chris who really helped me push through, and push me over obstacles.

Did you do this by yourself or did you take anyone else along to join in the fun?

Myself and Chris Dann took this challenge together both from Sport Solent – and next May we hope to have a team of Sport Solent staff members, maybe interesting to watch a manager or so fall into mud.

Was it as difficult as you thought it would be?

It was even more difficult, I decided to go slightly naïve and chose not to check the course route or obstacles – it seemed more exciting not to know. Whilst in the queue, I noticed everyone else was stretching including Chris, so I thought it would make sense to jump around getting pumped (big mistake at mile 9 when my hips froze).

How did you prepare?

We tried to make time to work out together, by running and using bars for partner exercises, Chris improved his chin ups and press ups, but his natural monkey-like ability helped him the most. I looked like Bambi in mud most of the time.

Was it a relief to finish it and would you do it again?

The relief was great and the heated medical tent even better, after Chris smashed through the finish line and I crawled over. We are definitely doing it again! I will be signing a team up for next year.

Have you taken part in any other events/races recently? (a little birdie told us you went to Run or Dye!)

Ha – yes, we did a small run called Run or Dye, which was extremely fun and had a party afterwards although we did look like Smurfs for a few days afterwards. We are also taking part in the Marafun 10k in Southampton and the Winchester Duathlon in April as Tough Mudder prep for May 2015.