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Tuesday 6 January 2015

What is Team Solent Climbing?

Here, we interview the Vice President of Team Solent Climbing to find out more about the club, how it is run and what’s involved! The club are still on the hunt for new members, so if you want to find out more then please, visit their website.

Tell us more about Team Solent Climbing? What is the club about?

Hey there, my name is Cameron Turner.

Team Solent climbing is very much an active climbing club, with really friendly members from all over. With an entirely new committee this year, a load more is happening. We climb as much as we like, but there is a scheduled meet up for the climbing club that happens ones a week at the local St Mary’s Climbing Wall. (FYI, that’s on a Thursday night) There is a joining fee for the club, but you make that back so quickly it is just so worth it, I urge you to question existing members.

Socials are on a Wednesday for climbing - like most clubs, we agree that there is a time and a place to party and have fun, but not all the time, we do other things, like have film nights at members' houses, and we go to different bars each week, just a few of the things we do to keep things fun and different.

What does your role within Team Solent Climbing involve?

So my role title within in the club is Vice President, if I was to describe my role, I would say I am the nucleus of a cell. I have a lot to do with the running of the club and the organisation of trips away. I mainly focus on transport for all trips.

The relationship between myself and the President of the climbing club is really strong, one reason for this is because we are good friends and secondly, we live together, so the communication of tasks that the club needs to do is fast and productive, making the club more effective at organizing trips outside of Hampshire. Other roles such as weekly posts on our Facebook page to keep members informed. The creation of competitions within the club is also an aspect of my role such as, best Halloween costume and the winners received climbing related prizes.

The committee which I am on, is so much better this year, I may have mentioned a few times about the committee seeing some changes this year, and that is no understatement – the obvious improvements lead to a committee member to say the following:

The climbing committee.

“This is by far the best committee the club has ever seen” (Tim Miller, Southampton Climbing Wall).

With all the new committee members comes great ideas and enthusiasm for the club. I think the best idea this year has been a competition within the club, to see who the best climber is so we can start entering more competitions and representing the University.

Does climbing help you to stay fit?

Climbing is a sport that has so many benefits. Climbing for those who don’t really know much about the sport has 3 main aspects which are Bouldering, Sport Climbing and Trad Climbing. Each one is super fun and keeps you fit. If you are climbing as a hobby or as a professional it will help improve fitness. However it is not easy, like most things if you want to improve or lose weight you have to keep practicing.

An interesting fact about climbing from which states that rock climbing at a moderate intensity for around one hour will burn approximately 400 calories.

What do you love about climbing?

I love where climbing can take you, and the places you can climb. I have experienced so much this term already with the climbing club, more than I have in all my three years of been at university in relation to adventure and seeing new sites.

This term I have been to:

  • North Wales Scrambling and climbing.
  • Peak Districted Bouldering and indoor climbing.
  • Calshot Climbing Wall at least twice.
  • Portland outdoor climbing.
  • Reading Climbing Wall.
  • Bristol Bouldering Wall (Bloc).

What happens during your average climbing session?

Climbing can change, depending on how you are feeling, and the locations that you are climbing. Typically I go climbing at Southampton Climbing Wall (SCW) and I will do a 10 minute warm up, and then start on some easy routes, to get my body in tune with my mind, before really pushing my ability. My climbing session will usually last about 2 hours, and I will climb 5-6 days a week. I have noticed in the last month, that I do enjoy discussing with my climbing partner the problems that arise on the climb, and what we could change in our technique to make the next climb even better.

The climbing wall.

Have you had many new Freshers join? Are you still looking for members and if so, how do they go about joining?

We had so many new members this year which was great to see, I would say the member ratio of club members going from new to remaining is properly 80% – 20%. Yes we are looking for new members, they can join up in just a moment, all you need to do is get in touch with any of the committee members, contacting Tim Miller for member’s payment and additional information like what you get for your membership payment.

You can contact Cameron using the details below:
Mobile: 078 0821 6032

Can you climb competitively?

Competitive climbing has exploded in the last decade; there are competitions every weekend if you are willing to travel to different climbing walls. I have done 2 competitions and been to a few more, and the standard of climbing that university’s deliver is mind blowing. As a club we compete in the BUCS event that happens every year. This year, in my opinion, we are taking our strongest team yet, and even if you are not competing, the event is spectacular. It is well worth a visit to one of England’s best indoor bouldering walls.

Do members need to be ‘sporty’?

New members don’t need to be sporty – we welcome members of all ability; just try is what we ask. For me, instead of sitting in front on the TV thinking ‘what’s on’ I am down at the climbing wall improving and having fun with whoever is down at the wall. So to answer the question I would say no, but they need to have a ‘get up a do’ attitude.

What upcoming trips have you got planned?

We have so much planned in the next few months. Next month, we are going to Calshot climbing wall, which is a big indoor climbing wall for Hampshire, perhaps one of the largest. After we return from the Christmas break there is another big trip looming to France which will be epic, we are going to a place called Fontainebleau which is has the best bouldering in the world.

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