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Monday 16 February 2015

Tyrone Gordon takes to the boxing ring

There is a somewhat annoying chant going around Premier League football grounds at the moment, along the lines of “xxxxxxx – he’s one of our own” picking out that increasingly rare phenomenon of a local, English player.

But at Oceana on Friday night there really was a sense of “He’s one of our own” when Tyrone Gordon took to the boxing ring. Not only is Ty a local boy for the local audience, but from the standpoint of the Sport Solent team members in the 1,000 strong crowd he really is one of ours, having served his apprenticeship with us and blossoming in to a full-time member of staff.

After Ty’s first competitive fight almost a year ago he suffered some injury problems, and despite having won that debut contest he went through a period of uncertainty as to whether he would take to the ring again. But he missed the adrenalin rush and decided to give it another go, and prepared himself for his second encounter, this time against against Sam Carey.

As the boxers entered the ring there was an air of confidence exuding from Ty, a confidence that was not so apparent on that debut night a year ago, possibly helped by the realization that he had a considerable height and reach advantage over his opponent. No head guards this time, another pointer to the fact that Ty has moved in to the senior ranks, and on the bell our man advanced from the red corner in his red kit, a warming sight for us Solent guys there – in fact it almost looked like he was wearing his staff top.

Right from the start there was a new found positivity displayed, as he tore in to his nervy looking opponent, on the front-foot from the start and landing scoring shots in the opening minute. His opponent struggled to land a meaningful punch, more concerned with defending against the barrage of blows reigning in on him. As the round drew to a close it seemed that the major threat to a home victory was from the referee, who twice warned Ty for slapping, but our man was well ahead as the bell went.

Tyrone Gordon.

Round 2 continued in the same vein, with the man in red in total charge, cheered on by the increasingly liquid-fuelled home audience. As the onslaught continued the referee intervened and started a standing count against the beleaguered Carey, but his corner made the crucial intervention, throwing the towel in quicker than a German tourist on to a hotel sunbed.

It was a very pleasing, if comfortable, win for Tyrone. He was superior in every boxing department, but more importantly he displayed a maturity and confidence that mirrors the progress that we have seen in him as a person since he joined our team.

Tom Morton, who knows a thing or two about high level sport, was telling me recently that he was in awe of how boxers trained and the intensity they showed, and it was here for all to see.

It only remained for Ty to shower, change and then join his fans (a budding female fan-base was apparent) in the crowd and talk us through his tactical approach to the evening, and how his fledgling boxing career has been re-invigorated.

All in all, great to witness, and I may just have been humming “Tyrone Gordon, he’s one of our own” proudly on the way home. We can’t wait for installment number 3.


Featured image originally sourced from the Daily Echo.