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Students studying sports journalism and TV production at Solent University got an opportunity they couldn't pass up last month, filming and producing the live Hampshire Senior Cup Final live stream broadcast for Southampton FC.

23rd May 2018
English and journalism

Students studying sports journalism and TV production got an opportunity they couldn’t pass up last month, filming and producing the live Hampshire Senior Cup Final live stream broadcast for Southampton FC.

Each of the student groups had a clear sense of their responsibilities and worked together to build an outside broadcast set up with four cameras and multiple audio feeds, and deliver a two hour live stream production, which was a great achievement considering they had less than two hours’ set up time.


David Reilly, Lecturer for BA (Hons) Sport Journalism and MA Sports Broadcast Journalism, says: “We want our students to get as close to the action as possible while studying our degrees – and you can’t do that much more than producing a live sports broadcast from a Premier League stadium.

“The live outside broadcast seemed like the perfect way to give our students a real-world experience, which could give their career a big boost. It was also special to be able to collaborate with our TV and broadcast courses at Solent to produce a final product that our students, clients and local community can all enjoy and be proud of.”


Tasks were allocated by course: MA Sports Broadcast Journalism students were responsible for all editorial decisions, planning pre and post show, researching the teams, anchoring the show, commentating on the match, interviewing players and managers after the game, and creating a highlights report.

Broadcast systems engineering and television production technology students were responsible for the technical build and management of the audio and multi camera set up, and television and video production students acted as camera operators, vision mixers and directors.


Matthew Jury, in his third year studying BSc (Hons) Television Production, says: “I was the director for the coverage of this event. My role was to look at what was going on with the match, then tell the cameras what I wanted from them to best follow the match for the online viewers.

“The event was very successful; we got a lot of good responses online. I enjoyed the experience – it was nice to work with a variety of people and gain the real world experience. I honestly do believe that helping with events like these can help me in the future. Live broadcasting is the area I’d like to work in, so getting the opportunity to do this has been really helpful.”

Linus Harrington, MA Sports Broadcast Journalism student, adds: “Reporting and presenting from a Premier League stadium is what everyone on the course wants to do as their full-time job – I never thought I’d get to do it while studying, though! It was an incredible evening and I loved every minute of it. It’s amazing that we get opportunities like this while at Solent."


Issy Pearson, from Hampshire FA, says: “Long may this collaboration and partnership continue. Based on this event, I hope this will now become a permanent feature at our Senior Cup Final.”

Take a look at a video snapshot of the event 

View the behind the scenes video