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During British Science Week 2021, Polly Hickling shares an insight into the importance of the media technology industry, and shares stories from recent Solent alumni with their favourite aspects of their roles.

10th March 2021
TV, film, media production and technology

Course Leader for Media Technology, Polly Hickling has long been an advocate of getting more people, particularly women, into the media technology industry.

Talented graduates from this area are in high-demand, and Polly now sits on the Society of Motion Picture and TV Engineering Education Advisory Board to look for ways to encourage more people into an industry that is crying out for specialists.

During British Science Week 2021, Polly shares an insight into the importance of the media technology industry, and shares stories from recent Solent alumni with their favourite aspects of their roles.

“It is sometimes hard to imagine how science relates to media but engineers and technologists are the backbone of the media industry. We are now at a point where networking technology and broadcast/audio tech are merging; with the increased popularity of streaming services, equipment being connected over IP rather than traditional copper cables and where we're moving away from onsite filming on TV shows like the Mandalorian to complex studio productions involving large LED walls amongst many other technical advances in this field.

To explain this further, our graduates below discuss how the application of science to the creative process of their field is a key factor. They have also highlighted the fast pace this industry is changing at, and the need and importance of more young talent entering the industry.”

James Bullock graduated from Solent in 2012 and is now a show technician at Blackgang Chine Theme Park. James’ role focuses on the technical elements of their attractions, including animatronic programming, electronics and pneumatic systems, lighting and sound. He shares "I get a huge sense of enjoyment out of using technology to help create exciting experiences for our guests. When I worked in TV, the audience were watching at home on their screens... At the park, the audience is going through the show “as live” themselves. Seeing guests reacting in the right places is great fun and lets us know we’ve got it right!”

Sophie Colvin is a Freelance Vision Guarantee/Broadcast Engineer and graduated from Solent in 2011. As a Vision Guarantee, Sophie has responsibility for the entire vision chain from camera to delivery point. Sophie has worked all over the world and explains she loves “Making content that people all over the world can enjoy, and having access to events people dream of and travelling all over the world to send content home."

Philip Moroz graduated from Solent in 2015 and works as a Freelance Dialogue and Sound Effects Editor. Philip has worked on productions including Downton Abbey and Killing Eve, and explains that his favourite part of his work is; “The combination of technical knowledge applied to the creative process of sound as well as keeping in mind that learning never stops. It’s also satisfying to revisit the fundamentals of sound, which can often open up whole new ways of thinking and strategies to get a job done effectively.”

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