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About this facility

Our IAC Acoustics hemi-anechoic chamber is at the heart of our acoustics laboratory, allowing students and researchers to carry out acoustic testing in an environment with exceptionally low background noise, and with free-field conditions down to 100Hz.

We have a large selection of specialist acoustic and vibration equipment, both for use in the lab and out in the field. This allows our students to get hands-on experience with the diverse range of activities that make up the field of acoustics, from lab testing of sound power and the acoustic characteristics of materials, to the assessment of environmental noise around live music events, partitions in buildings, and noise exposure in the workplace.

The acoustics facilities are used by students on IOA short courses, undergraduate students on acoustic and audio engineering programmes, and postgraduate students studying the IOA Diploma in Acoustics and Noise Control or the masters programmes in acoustics or audio engineering.

Access to these industry standard facilities prepares students for a career in acoustic consultancy, engineering, environmental health or built environment, or further study and research in the field.