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Environmental science degrees


lithium batteries
Research focussed
Dr Parakram Pyakurel a postdoctoral researcher, here at Solent has been exploring the role of lithium in renewable energy. Our environmental science courses will suit those with a strong interest in engineering and environmental science.
Solent composites lab
Solent composites lab
Students will have access to our advanced composites laboratory designed to handle all of the processes commonly seen in composite construction, from hand- and vacuum-assisted laminating to pre-impregnated fibre construction and resin infusion.
Stress analysis
Stress tests
Students have the opportunity to use Solents applied mechanics laboratory experimental apparatus and compare results against that of accepted theory, developing and enhancing their knowledge of important scientific concepts.
materials testing
Materials testing
Students are encouraged to use the facilities with the assistance of technicians, allowing them to use machines and equipment under moderate supervision.